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Two beautiful little boys were whelped in 2004 to Wilma and  Tory.  We wanted a girl who could stay at S'Posan's and carry on Tory's wonderful performance genes so a repeat breeding has happened and puppies are here!  We have a boy and a girl, both silver like their parents.  Puppies were born on Sunday, April 24th, 2005.  See pictures here.

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S'Posan's Wild Frontier

Wilma crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 9, 2012

CH Tamra's Top Gun


Am Int CH Osage's Fly Boy



CH Osage's Sundance Stole-N-Mink

Frontier's Dutch Apple Pie





CH Tara's Tennessee T


Kathmar and Frontier's Kathleen




CH Kathmar's Samantha Jane



CH Disney's Woodstock


CH Candyhaven's Lover Boy




Candyhaven's Lovin Spoonful

Frontier's Butter Pecan





CH Bobwin's John Silver


Frontier's Buttercup




Frontier's Gold Rush

With thanks to our dear friend and mentor, Jo Sitton, Wilma has become a member of the S'Posan's Cockers.  Wilma's Grandmother was our beloved Hunter's mother, and we have high hopes for bringing some of his line back into our breeding program.  

On April 24th Wilma whelped two beautiful puppies. 


This is Wyatt on June 9th                            This is Gracie on June 9th

Below are pictures taken on May 26th.  The pup's are now 5 weeks old and have had their first hair cuts.  In addition, this was the first time that Ken and Cindy Joyce got to meet the newest member of their family - Wyatt.


This is Wyatt...                                And this is Gracie.


Picture below taken on Wednesday, May 18th.  Puppies are 4 weeks old.  Wyatt is the alert one, sitting up.

This is Gracie...

And this is Wyatt....

Pictures, taken on Thursday, May 12th.  Together they are Gracie on the left, and Wyatt on the right. 

Shown below at 10 days old


Together they are Wyatt on left, Gracie on right.  Individually they are Wyatt and then Gracie. Wyatt will be loved by Ken and Cindy Joyce and Gracie will live with Sandy.

Shown here at 3 days old.


Two beautiful little boys were whelped on May 7th, 2004 to Wilma.  The proud father is Tory Both boys have gone to their new Forever Homes. 

        "Wiggy" (which is short for wiggly pup) lives with his very loving family, Sally and Jerry Waldenberger in Travis City Michigan.  The first picture was taken on July 4th, and the other in September 2004. 

Pictures below were taken on June 12th, 2004.


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"Am I not the cutest puppy in the world?"