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International Champion S'Posan's Toyminator, AX, AXJ, CGC

March 1998 - April 2010

Loosing Tory was like loosing part of our hearts.  Tory and Katy, littermates, were such outstanding little cockers.  While Tory lived with Jan, Sandy ran Tory in Agility.  They had a bond that was beautiful to watch.  Sandy never had to give a verbal command, because Tory was watching so closely that he knew what was wanted.  He was pure joy to watch as he raced around the ring.  Tory started in conformation and was major pointed, but didn't complete his AKC CH.  He did earn his International Championship and was a pretty dog, however a little on the small side.  Tory retired from the ring after earning his AX and AXJ to become Jan's couch potato.  He left us quietly in his sleep.  Sleep well our little love, you deserve it.  We will catch up with you again on the Rainbow Bridge.



CH Kaplarís Citizen Cane


CH HiTops Flash Dancer




HiTop Amber Samba

Am/Int. CH Laurentís By Love Possessed, UDX, NA, NAJ





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Laurelís Delishious Tisha

SíPosanís Little Orphan Annie, CDX, CGC





CH Grisard Equestrian Gold, CD


SíPosanís Chantilly Lace, CD




SíPosanís Victorian Lace, CD

Tory was bred for performance and excels in that venue.  He is eager to please and totally attentive when in the ring.  He is a small, well balanced dog with a lovely head.  Tory was CERF'd in February 2006 with perfect eyes, and excellent thyroid.  He is at stud on a very limited basis. Tory lives with Jan but works the agility ring with Sandy. Tory is major pointed toward his AKC Championship.

Tory is the first S'Posan Cocker to earn Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumpers With Weaves titles!  In the spring of 2004 Tory earned his AXJ, and at the American Spaniel Club Summer National in July 2004 he qualified for his final leg in Excellent Standard to earn the AX title. In April 2005 Tory earned his first MXJ leg at the Great St. Louis Agility Trials in Lake St. Louis.  

Tory was been bred to Wilma  in 2005. Learn more about these puppies.  And tory has been bred to Brianna with puppies due in July 2006.

Pictures of Tory taken at ASC in Indianapolis, July 2004


More pictures of Tory:

tory weaves.jpg (27718 bytes)     tory teeter.jpg (22063 bytes)     tory_jumps_in_rain.jpg (23818 bytes)

These two pictures were take in Ft. Wayne, IN by Cheryl A. Ertelt:

tory ft wayne 2.jpg (29417 bytes)        tory ft wayne.jpg (32197 bytes)   

From the ASC First Ever All Cocker Agility Trial, San Antonio, July 2002:

asc_tory_flies.jpg (42149 bytes)        asc tory weaves.jpg (44537 bytes)

Ice Agility:  Never let it be said that we don't practice, practice, practice - no matter what the weather!  Enjoy the pictures because it proves that we are certifiably nuts!! 

ice agility weave great pix.jpg (129688 bytes)    ice agility weave good.jpg (209521 bytes)    ice agility weaves.jpg (329016 bytes)