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American & International Champion Osage's Cover Paige, CD, NA, NAJ, OAP, OJP, CGC

January 24, 1995 - March 14, 2009



CH Durbet’s Tartan


CH Gina’s Masked Bandit




CH Gina’s M and M

CH Osage’s Reid The Print





CH Delannies Nite O’Nine


CH Osage’s Midnight Fantasy




CH Silver Maple Touch Of Sugar



CH Merryhaven Minute Man


CH Merryhaven Magnum P.I.




CH Merryhaven Move Up

CH Osage’s Private Fantasy





CH Osage’s Born To Boss


CH Osage’s Born Fantasy




CH Osage’s Midnight Fantasy


Paige was bred by Doris Conrad and came to S'Posan's Cockers when she was a year old.  Sandy and Jan handled Paige to all of her single points.  Paige then spent a short time with Bob Covey where she picked up her two majors in two week-ends, going BOV over specials along the way.  Sandy and Jan then put an International Championship on Paige and Sandy trained her in obedience and they earned a CD in just a few shows.  Then the Agility bug hit at S'Posan's and Paige showed her true colors as a very steady worker while she earned her NA and NAJ.  

We thought Paige was retired from performance, but Paige thought otherwise.  When we left for a show, Paige was always first to run and get into a crate and beg to go along. Finally, Sandy told Paige she could do agility again and we've been showing her in the Preferred classes where she has earned both of her Novice titles and each of her Open Preferred titles. 

Then in July 2004 Paige took a trip down Memory Lane and trotted back into the obedience ring to participate in the Veterans class at the American Spaniel Club Summer National in Indianapolis where she earned a 3rd Place on Saturday and 2nd Place on Sunday.  Paige was 9 1/2 years old.

paige weaves.jpg (16892 bytes)    paige jumps new.jpg (27706 bytes)    paige jumps.jpg (17212 bytes)    Paige loves performing!

Paige has been bred three times and produced wonderful puppies.  Below are a few of her special kids.

Click on the picture to make it larger.  Click on the name to learn more about them.

Paige's Kid's:

Whelped November 1998 and sired by American & International Champion Osage's Fly Boy

edy int.jpg (40318 bytes)     walker_griswold.jpg (21244 bytes)    

  Edy                    Walker

Whelped November, 2000 and sired by Champion Ashwood's Thrilling Opportunity

bri head 1.jpg (14363 bytes)     taylor stacked.jpg (43418 bytes)    mea wins.jpg (102907 bytes)

Brianna                        Taylor                    Mea

 Whelped in March, 2002 and sired by American & International Champion S'Posan Walk On The Wild Side, UD     

    black boy.jpg (45760 bytes)     bug.jpg (68490 bytes)

            Devine                Breeze