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S'Posan's MiraMira On The Wall, NAJ

Born June 29, 2003 -- Died October 29, 2012

Who is the fairest of them all??  Why Mira, of course!

Mira earns her first AKC Agility Title at the Greater St. Louis Agility Trial in April 2006.


Mira - proving her versatility with wins in both Agility and Conformation!


CH Hu-Mar's Show Me Cin City


CH Jawatt's Golden Opportunity  



CH Hu-Mar's Show Me Steel Magnolia

CH Ashwood Thrilling Opportunity 





CH PS Ashwood's Thriller


CH Ashwood's Cheap thrills




CH Ashwood Happy Days



CH HiTops Flash Dancer


Am Int CH Laurentís By Love Possessed, UDX, NA, NAJ




Laurentís Just Peachy Keen

Am Int CH S'Posan's Intoxikator OA OAJ CGC





Rosehills Yes I Will


SíPosanís Little Orphan Annie, CDX, CGC




SíPosanís Chantilly Lace, CD

 Our little Mira was one of those pups that seemed to fail to thrive, and we felt surely she couldn't last another day.  But Jan is nothing if not persistent and she keep vigilantly feeding and loving little tiny Mira (our Miracle girl!).  And by the age of six months Mira had caught up with her littermates and is turning into a beautiful girl with lots of potential.  Given all this, how could she live anywhere else but with Jan?

Mira shown below at the American Spaniel Club Agility Trial, July 2004


tiny tot 2 3weeks.jpg (681094 bytes)   Mira at three weeks old, July 2003

mira catching up.jpg (250393 bytes)    Mira shown catching up with Carly in early September 2003

mira carly catch up.jpg (284200 bytes)    And here they are again in December 2003.