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 Katy's Kids

A Family Portrait taken at the American Spaniel Club, July 2004.  Left to right are Mira, Timmy, Katy and Carly.  We sure missed having Riley and Sammy there.

Additional family pictures taken at ASC:



  hi_mom.jpg (16947 bytes)  "Hi Mom!  Whatcha doin in there?"  Katy's pups at 5 weeks old

CH Hu-Mar's Show Me Cin City


CH Jawatt's Golden Opportunity  



CH Hu-Mar's Show Me Steel Magnolia

CH Ashwood Thrilling Opportunity 




CH PS Ashwood's Thriller


CH Ashwood's Cheap thrills




CH Ashwood Happy Days



CH HiTops Flash Dancer


Am Int CH Laurentís By Love Possessed, UDX, NA, NAJ




Laurentís Just Peachy Keen

Am Int CH S'Posan's Intoxikator OA OAJ CGC





Rosehills Yes I Will


SíPosanís Little Orphan Annie, CDX, CGC




SíPosanís Chantilly Lace, CD

Katy and Ryan had a silver female, black female, black male, and two buff males whelped on June 29, 2003.  We are "Thrilled" with these kids.  See them below.

   feisty girl.proc.jpg (103598 bytes)    Carly

tiny_tot_3_weeks.jpg (582553 bytes)     Mira was very tiny!  

riley bag.proc.jpg (77915 bytes)    Riley at the airport on his way to Canada with Tracy Hughes, Sept. 8th. Photo by Tracy Hughes


sammy n new mom.jpg (575526 bytes)   Sammy with his new mom, Kathy Willbrand.

tim n laurie meet.jpg (235172 bytes)   Timmy  Timmy and Laurie Rivard meet and fall in love!  December 2003