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International Champion S'Posan's Jamican Me Crazy, NA, OAJ, CGC

                                   March 1999 - July 2010

		CH My-Ida-Ho Diamond Jay
	CH My-Ida-Ho Showdown	
		My-Ida-Ho Calico Diamond
CH Quasar's Rebel Rouser		
		CH Derano's Snowman
	CH Quasar's Miss Attitude	
		CH Quasar's Desert Spice
		CH J-Don's Go For Broke
	CH Dunmorr's Pocket Rocket	
		CH Moody's Courtroom Magic
Moody's Trianon		
		CH Homestead's Shiloh of J-Don
	CH Stat N Osage's Whoops La-T-Da	
		Stat's Missy Barker

JamieJane was co-bred by S'Posan's Cocker's and Moody's Countryside Cockers.  Jamie was a fun dog to train and show in conformation and agility.  Jamie lives with Sandy.  She retired due to arthritis. Ultimately the arthritis moved into her spine and caused nerve damage.  Unable to ever walk again, we helped her cross over the Rainbow Bridge in our arms with lots of hugs and kisses.  She will always live in our minds as she moves gracefully and effortlessly across the field in pursuit of her dreams.  Sleep well, sweet Jamie.

Pictured below at the American Spaniel Club Agility Trial, July 2004


  ...and what you DON'T want to see, as Jamie bails off the teeter for an NQ!

Pictures of JamieJane taken in February 2004.  Many thanks to Winged Womyn Productions for permission to post these great photo's.



More pictures of JamieJane

jamie jumps.jpg (26535 bytes)              asc_jamie_jump.jpg (45445 bytes)

Ice Agility:  Never let it be said that we don't practice, practice, practice - no matter what the weather!  Enjoy the pictures because it proves that we are certifiably nuts!! 

ice agility sit pretty.jpg (294884 bytes)       ice agility tire.jpg (391633 bytes)    ice agility jumping.jpg (35101 bytes)        ice agility teeter2.jpg (399021 bytes)    ice agility weave 2.jpg (1305415 bytes)    

Jamie's Kid's