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Jamie has a NEW family whelped in October 2003!  Please welcome these three delightful tri's - two boys and one girl.

Pictures taken on February 20th, 2004

1 patch head 4 mos.jpg (204717 bytes)    2 patch head 4 mos.jpg (253627 bytes)    3 patch head 4 mos.jpg (137787 bytes)  1 patch stacked 4 mos.jpg (148525 bytes)  2 patch stacked 4 mos.jpg (154955 bytes)    1 patch napping 4 mos.jpg (105464 bytes)

Pictures taken December 2003

patch std2.jpg (203625 bytes)    patch head3.jpg (260337 bytes)  Banjo - S'Posan's Jamican Music at 3 months.  Banjo joined his new family in Cleveland Ohio on May 5th, 2004.  He will be the best friend of Ron and Chris.

della std1.jpg (171553 bytes)    della head2.jpg (483612 bytes)    Della -  S'Posan's Jamican Delight

bandit std2.jpg (184429 bytes)    bandit head3.jpg (266593 bytes)    Toby -  S'Posan's To Be Or Not To Be lives with Kathy and Dennis Willbrand 


Pictures Taken November 2003

della patch bandit.JPG (722433 bytes)   Della, Patch & Bandit

 della.JPG (703796 bytes)    bandit.JPG (681029 bytes)    Patch.JPG (703377 bytes)

Della                        Bandit                    Patch

1 day old 2.jpg (689410 bytes)    1 day old 7.jpg (775707 bytes)

These photos taken on 10/17/03 when pups were 24 hours old.

jamie pups 014.jpg (524739 bytes)    jamie pups 013.jpg (529535 bytes)    Jamie's pups taken at 3 weeks old

Their pedigree:



CH Legend Weekend Warrier II (black & white)


CH Legend Elmer Fudge (brown & tan)




Risers Antique Lace  (brown & tan)

Int. CH LAE and Dunmoor's Sharpshooter, NA, NAJ (tri)





CH B Sky's Woolie Nelson (tri)


Dunmorr and LAE's Label A Sable (sable & white)




Charro's On My Way To Dunmorr (sable & white)



CH My-Ida-Ho Showdown


CH Quasar’s Rebel Rouser (red & white)




CH Quasar’s Miss Attitude

Int. CH S’Posan’s Jamican Me Crazy, NA, OAJ, CGC





CH Dunmorr’s Pocket Rocket  (tri)


Moody’s Trianon (tri)




CH Stat N Osage’s Whoops La-T-Da

Their sire is known as "Kaboom" (Int. CH LAE's and Dunmorr's Sharpshooter, NA, NAJ) and he is OFA Good & eyes are normal.  Kaboom is a very intelligent and athletic dog, and is currently training and showing in agility and at hunt trials.  See his pictures below.

kaboom1.jpg (100249 bytes)    kaboom2.jpg (73325 bytes)    

Here is a look at Jamie's First Litter:

family.jpg (55809 bytes)   Family portrait of JamieJane and Joey, with Timer between them taken at Ft. Worth, IN in June, 2002.

JamieJane's first litter whelped on February 27, 2002.  The proud sire of these pups is Joey.

Their pedigree:



CH Juban’s Georgia Jazz


CH Juban’s One More Time




Juban’s Beaujelois Lajardin

Am/Int CH Sensation’s Its About Time CGC





CH Dazlin’s Mystic Command


CH Sensations Partigirl




Sensations Wild Child



CH My-Ida-Ho Showdown


CH Quasar’s Rebel Rouser




CH Quasar’s Miss Attitude

Int. CH S’Posan’s Jamican Me Crazy, NA, NAJ, CGC





CH Dunmorr’s Pocket Rocket


Moody’s Trianon




CH Stat N Osage’s Whoops La-T-Da


rw m jj good 6wk.jpg (51842 bytes)     timer timeout.jpg (47918 bytes)    timer stacked.jpg (634711 bytes)    timer 1st sw.jpg (651597 bytes)

S'Posan Its Time To Go Crazy

On his 4th trip into a ring, Timer picked up a lovely Reserve win over some very nice competition.  Timer is now living in his new home with Cheryl and Rich Herigot in Belleville, Illinois.

rwf jj good 6wk.jpg (51654 bytes)      maggie hlv.jpg (27040 bytes)    maggie stand 6 mo.gif (96582 bytes)    maggie head.gif (41414 bytes)    

S'Posan's HLV's Magic Spots (2-27-2002 to 1-7-2003)

It is with a heavy heart that we must refer you to Maggie's page on the Rainbow Bridge.

Maggie was co-owned with Heather Vallance in Canada  and had earned her first 5 points toward her Canadian Championship in the fall of 2002.  

tri jj 6wk1.jpg (35091 bytes)        riley1.gif (132160 bytes)        riley2.gif (54310 bytes)

S'Posan's James O'Riley

Riley is at home with his family, The Cupryk's in Kansas City.

bw m 6wk.jpg (75907 bytes)   joey jr moving.jpg (31397 bytes)   joey jr sits.jpg (32895 bytes)   jj's pup in AL.jpg (85657 bytes)   

S'Posan's Panda Boy

Joey, the son, is at home with his family, the Wodarsky's, in Dadeville, Alabama.  The head shot was taken in November 2003.  Joey has grown up to be a beautiful boy!