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Moody's N S'Posan's Magic Trick

Born August 9, 2008

OFA Good 2012 and CERF clear as of February, 2014


Trixie has has three litters of beautiful puppies.  See them here.

Trixie began her life at Moody's Countryside Kennels where she lived with her sister, Amy.  In September 2010 Sandy was asked to transport Trixie to a new home, with a short stay at Sandy's house.  After four days Sandy called the Moody's and asked if Trixie could please stay at S'Posans.  Jane was delighted since that was what she had planned all along.  So Trixie earned her name "as a trick played on Sandy".  Then Trixie went to Auntie Jan's for a visit and Auntie Jan fell in love with her and Trixie has been living with Auntie Jan ever since.

Trixie started agility training in January 2011 and then took some time out to be a mommy.  Below are some photo's taken in a 2011 training class.  Trixie was very bright and learned quickly.



Trixie's Pedigree:



CH Ju-Mar's Just Imagine


CH Schiely's Special Edition




CH Schiely's Sarafina

Schiely's N Moody's Mr. Magic





CH Schiely's Chocolate Pie Guy


Ezetera's Magic Moment




Ezetera's Abracadabra



CH Tri-Pod's Moment of Truth


AKC & INT CH Dal-Mar's Stolen Heart




CH Dal-Mar's Deville

Moody's No Fooling





AKC & INT & Swedish CH J-R's Rebel Strikes Again


J-R's N Moody's She's Fancy




CH J-R's Back Field In Motion