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Born January 13, 2010 --- Died July 6, 2012

The temperature outside was 107 degrees, but Frankie still took off on his race around the yard as he always did, and loved to do.  When Jan said: "okay Frankie, that's enough, time to come in"  he looked up at her and collapsed.  Jan sprinted out into the yard, but Frankie was already dead.  It's hard to find words to share the pain that came with this realization.  Life was full of fun and games for Frankie, how could it have been cut so short?

Frankie lived with and was dearly loved by Jan.


Frankie's pedigree:







CH Tamra's Top Gun



CH Osages Fly Boy 





CH Osages Sundance Stolen Mink


CH PowderPuffs Traveling Man






CH Tara's Tennessee T



Kathmar and Frontier Kathleen





CH Kathmar Samantha Jane

CH Tailspin Baileys Irish Cream







CH HiTop's Flash Dancer



  CH Laurent's By Love Possessed, UDX2, NA, NAJ





Laurent Just Peachy Keen


CH SPosan's Queen Anne's Lace, NAJ