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S'Posans Divine Intervention

Born March 14, 2002

Owned and loved by Sharon Mann. Divine camp to S'Posan's Boot Camp and then on to the Edwardsville show in December 2002 to go Winners Dog both days for his first set of points.  Divine and Sharon had fun in the ring and at home.


CH HiTopís Flash Dancer

Am/Int CH Laurentís By Love Possessed, UDX, NA, NAJ

Laurentís Just Peachy Keen

Am/Int. CH SĒPosanís Walk On The Wild Side, CDX

Rosehills Yes I Will

SíPosanís Little Orphan Annie, CDX, CGC

SíPosanís Chantilly Lace, CD

CH Ginaís Masked Bandit

CH Osageís Reid The Print

CH Osageís Midnight Fantasy

Am/Int CH Osageís Cover Paige, CD, NA, NAJ, CGC

CH Merryhaven Magnum P.I.

CH Osageís Private Fantasy

CH Osageís Born Fantasy